COLORBOND® steel Studio Launch Promotion – Winners Announced

Buyaa Law by renowned First Nations artist Birrunga Wiradyuri

The COLORBOND® steel Studio Launch promotion has now finished.

Congratulations Sonia V from Lymesmith, ACT who was the lucky first prize winner of the stunning artwork ‘Buyaa Law’ by renowned First Nations artist Birrunga Wiradyuri*, valued at $20,000.

Second prize was won by Beatrice D from Silver Thomas Hanley, South Australia. Beatrice won a two-hour online Birrunga Wiradyuri's First Nations art class for up to 25 people^, valued at $5,000. 

We hope you enjoy your prizes. Thanks again to everyone who entered.

*About the Artist and the Artwork: 

Birrunga Wiradyuri is the founder and principal artist of the multi-award winning Birrunga Gallery and Dining in Brisbane's CBD. 

‘Buyaa Law’ tells a number of stories. In Wiradyuri Culture, the highest spiritual colour for Women's Lore is a deep rich red and for Men's Lore, it’s a deep rich, blue. This piece shows the way the two laws work in support of each other, where at times the Red supports the Blue and vice versa, and where they operate respectfully separate. The painting tells the story of the 3 Rings, representing Self, Community and the Universe.

COLORBOND® steel Studio

The new COLORBOND® steel Studio allows you to browse over 200 colours, and to use RGB or HEX colour values, or DULUX or RAL colour names to match the closest colour and finish on the platform. You can even upload an image and let the COLORBOND® steel Studio return the four closest colour matches within the library of 200+ colours available. 

Whether you want to make a statement, add striking colours to your palette, or harness complementary colours to bring simple legibility to large and complex structures, the COLORBOND® steel Studio now gives you more choice and greater freedom.


Source: BlueScope - December 2020
Image: ‘Buyaa Law’, Birrunga Wiradyuri
Trademark Acknowledgements: COLORBOND® is a registered trademark of BlueScope Steel Limited, ABN 16 000 011 058.

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