STEEL PROFILE® magazine new Issue 131 (December 2020)

STEEL PROFILE® magazine Issue 131 December 2020

The latest issue of STEEL PROFILE® magazine, edition 131 (December 2020), is now available to download on STEEL SELECT®. The magazine highlights the use of steel as a fundamental yet often unseen enabler for structure and celebrates its open contribution to design aesthetics.

Presented in this issue is a carefully curated selection of five inspiring and innovative recent projects. Varied in terms of scale and design typology, these range from a sensitive heritage restoration project to low impact wilderness walking lodges, and an expressive cutting-edge city learning village.

Importantly, STEEL PROFILE® magazine also celebrates people and their ideas: inspired architects, builders, engineers, fabricators, and manufacturers who have leveraged the intrinsic strength, practicality, and subtle elegance of steel to conceive and deliver classic, innovative, and modern architectural works. 

“The structures featured within this edition of STEEL PROFILE® magazine articulate the themes of sustainability, heritage, community, industry, and learning. Considerable effort has gone into understanding the backgrounds and unique challenges of each project. In these words, and pictures, we demonstrate how the architects have delivered on their clients’ briefs,” said Melissa Barlow, BlueScope Managing Editor of STEEL PROFILE® magazine.

STEEL PROFILE® magazine edition 131 is a proud showcase inspiring what can be achieved with Australian steel. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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  • We encourage you to share your projects for consideration in a future issue of STEEL PROFILE® magazine. We invite you to submit projects that feature a ground-breaking or an innovative use of steel.


Source: BlueScope - December 2020
Cover project/ image: Kalbarri Skywalk, Kalbarri, Western Australia. Architect: Eastman Poletti Sherwood Architects
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