COLORBOND® Ultra steel

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COLORBOND® Ultra steel has been specifically designed to combine long-term durability and excellent corrosion resistance.  With a metallic coating mass of AM150, COLORBOND® Ultra steel is suitable for severe marine environments1.  In addition to COLORBOND® Ultra steel, BlueScope offers SUPERDURA® Stainless steel, for use in very severe marine environments1.

The new COLORBOND® steel Studio enables you to browse over 200 COLORBOND® steel colours, including 175 COLORBOND® Ultra steel colours, and to use RGB or HEX colour values, or DULUX or RAL colour names to match the closest colour on the platform. You can even upload an image and let the COLORBOND® steel Studio return the closest colour match within the library of colours available. 

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  1. For further guidance on choosing the right product for your project please refer to BlueScope Technical Bulletins 1A and 1B.
  2. Check with your preferred supplier regarding colour and profile availability
  3. For use in industrial environments, contact BlueScope for further advice.