EPS-FR core has been tried and tested for over half a century. This cost effective construction solution has an impressive strength to weight ratio, is 100% recyclable and because of its low density, it can provide further saving in the cost of foundations, framing and auxiliary insulation. This BCA Group 1 product contains a Flame-retardant (FR) making it self extinguishing.

  • Performance - NCC / BCA Compliant
  • Profiles - Flat, Mesa, Silkline, Ribbed, Metric & Unideck
  • Thickness - 50mm to 300mm
  • Length - 1,500mm to 22,000mm

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ASKIN Exteriors EPS-FR

Product detail

Product availability is indicative, contact ASKIN directly to confirm availability.
Cover Width
1000mm, 1200mm

1200mm supplied as standard. Other widths may be available on request, subject to minimum order quantity.

Profile dimensions

Material Choices

Materials Gauges
External colour palette: Surfmist®, Classic Cream™, Shale Grey™, Paperbark®, Dune® and Windspray®. Internal colour palette: Surfmist® and Night Sky®. Other colours available subject to MOQ, please contact ASKIN to confirm colour availability.


  • 0.40 BMT Internal
  • 0.50 BMT External
  • 0.60 BMT External
  • 0.60 BMT Internal

COLORBOND® steel Matt

  • 0.50 BMT External
  • 0.60 BMT External

COLORBOND® Ultra steel

  • 0.50 BMT External
  • 0.60 BMT External

COLORBOND® Intramax® steel

  • 0.40 BMT Internal
  • 0.60 BMT Internal


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