Equitilt® is a versatile insulated architectural facade panel installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, available in a wide range of modern COLORBOND® steel colours, COLORBOND® Metallic steel colours and profiled finishes to present not only a stunning exterior but a functional and practical interior lining with this all-in-one composite solution. Equitilt® offers designers an attractive finish without compromising structural integrity or thermal efficiency.

Equitilt® EPS-FR walling is over 25 times more efficient as an insulation medium than pre-cast concrete of equivalent thickness, and its lightweight construction allows reduced load-bearing footings and structural supports.

Equitilt® is Bondor's architectural insulated facade made exclusively with Australian BlueScope steel. These sustainable panels are lightweight and durable, available in a range of colours and finishes, ideal for creating long lasting and creative structures.

This product is BCA Compliant.

Thickness / R-Values

Thickness 50 75 100 150 200 250
R-Values 1.24 1.87 2.49 3.73 4.98 6.22

Panel Profiles

Equitilt® profiles

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Bondor Equitilt® EPS-FR

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Product detail

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Cover Width

900mm non-standard.

Profile dimensions

Material Choices

Materials Gauges
Colour Palette: Astro®, Cosmic®, Aries® , Rhea®, Galactic®, Shale Grey™, Evening Haze®, Surfmist®, Windspray®, Woodland Grey®, Jasper®


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COLORBOND® Metallic steel

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