Whether a residential or commercial project, CorroMax™ offers a bold, distinct aesthetic as well as a practical offering for use as a roofing or walling application. The benefits of CorroMax™ are more than just it’s bold good looks. With deeper corrugations and wider ribs than traditional corrugated products, CorroMax™ has a greater rainwater carrying capacity which allows for lower roof pitch design. 

With corrugations 60% deeper and ribs that are 50% wider than Fielders traditional S-Rib profile, CorroMax™ 35 delivers significant performance benefits over the life of the building. This includes an increased rainwater carrying capacity, longer spanning capabilities as well as the ability to be installed on roof pitches as low as 2 degrees. 

Also available: Fielders CorroMax™ 21 which may be used on roof pitches as low as 3 degrees.

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Fielders CorroMax™ 35

Product detail

Product availability is indicative, contact Fielders directly to confirm availability.
Cover Width
Rib Height
Min Roof Pitch
2 degrees
Only applies to roofing applications.
Profile dimensions

Material Choices

Materials Gauges
Please check with Fielders for colour availability.


  • 0.48 BMT


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